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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  August 10, 1997
Subject:  You're no good by Linda Ronstradt
Album:  Greatest Hits
Written by: Clint Ballard Jr.

        YOU'RE NO GOOD        Linda Ronstradt

Record is in Bb
Intro  listen to the record for timing and for how many

           A        D            A               D
1.)      Feeling   better       now that we're through  
2.) Well I broke a heart that's gentle and     true

      A       D          A            D
   Feeling better cause I'm over     you
So I broke a heart of a someone like you

        F         G            C
I've learned my lesson but it left a scar 
   I  beg your  forgivness on bended knee 

A                D                 E
Now I           see what you     really are
But I wouldn't  Blame you if you said to me.            

                     A              C                E 
CHORUS:   You're no good  You're no good  You're no good  
  D(stop)                  A              D
          Baby you're no good  I'm gonna say it again 
                     A               C               E  
          You're no good  You're no good  You're no good  
  D(stop)                 A
          Baby you're no good


A                               D
I'm telling you sweet baby I'm going my way
A                                 D
Forget about you baby cause I'm leaving today.    CHORUS