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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  November 24, 1998
Album: Everywhere
Written by: Phil Vassar\Steve Mandle\Jerry Vandiver

              FOR A LITTLE WHILE   Tim McGraw
G C G C 

 G        C
Hot sun dancing on the river
 G                         C
We'd sit on the bank and watch the world go by
 G                           C
Our feet in the water, she pressed her lips to mine
G                             C        D 
We were so long on love but short on time
Em                            D
She would be in a honeymoon suite in a little while
Em               D 
But she was mine   oh, for a little while

G               C        
  I love every time I start to think about us
G                C
We spent that summer out in style
G                    C   
She's gone but she left me with a smile
 G   F    C                 G    C  G  C
She was mine for a little while

G                      C
We'd take a ride and head on down to airport road
G                        C
Put the seats back and watch the planes leave town
G                  C
She always said nobody's strong enough to tie her down
G                             C        D
Oh, but I wasn't looking for that any-how
Em                     D
I knew she'd leave but I didn't know when
Em                    D
It matters to me now  oh, but it didn't back then

Go to chorus
G                             C 
I keep seeing pictures now of me and her and those summer nights
G                      C
My mind fills with her oh, but it's alright 'cause

Go to chorus, to ending
G             D                  G
Yes, she was mine for a little while