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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  August 12, 1998
Written by:
             HE AIN'T WORTH MISSING    Toby Keith

G                        Em
He's flying high tonight He's got a brand new lover
F                         D
Here you come a running You're looking for some cover
G                             Em
I know you're sad and lonely  I know you're feeling blue
     F                 D
You miss him so much  Won't let me get too close to you

Wo He ain't worth missing   Wo We should be kissing
G                           D
Stop all this foolish wish-ing  He ain't worth missing
I know you're head is turning  I know you're heart is burning
G                           D                 Am          G
Girl you've got to listen  Don't you know he ain't worth missing

1. vamp on G   2.) Bbm   Em go to bridge

G                              Em
You know I'm here to save you  You ain't through crying yet
F                         D
Look at your pretty face  All red and soaking wet
G                          Em
I'm gonna try to make him Just a memory
F                                  D
Come on  baby let's get started  First thing you've got to see is 

Go to chorus

Slide  Bbm - Em                    D
                 If you need some-one to hold you
Slide  Bbm - Em              D    
                 Someone to ease your pain
Slide  Bbm - Am  
                 I'll be holding steady Girl when you get ready
                     C         D
I'm gonna show you Love is a good thing  "It will be a good thing"

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