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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  May 26, 1998
Written by:

                  BAD DAY TO LET YOU GO   Bryan White
G C G C    G                C  
          Got a hole in my shoe
       G                C
Got a bad case of the blues
        G                  C
On top of that it's rainy too
          G          D       C
I pick a bad day to let you go
       G            C
I got nothing but time
             G               C
Nothing but you here on my mind
             G                C
I guess the stars got out of line
          G          D       c    A A# D#
I pick a bad day to let you go

D#         G#   A#   G#                 D# 
Why did I walk away  I must have been crazy
   (D#)         G#          A#  G#               G#   D#  F
1.)If I could relive that  day I'd make it right ba---by
2.)I'm paying for it every day Now you're gone   ba---by
(F)                           C
It was just a wrong frame of mind 
(C)                            A#
Wrong place, wrong time but I know
I pick a bad day to let you go
 G                              C
I'm stareing holes through these walls
             G            C  
Waiting on lady luck to call
                 G                  C
But I know that you wouldn't after all
               G          D      C
Just picked a bad day to let you go