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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  September 29, 1998
Written by:

           BEGINNING TO GET TO ME    Clay Walker

E                      A                      B
I can't sleep at all  I'm making late night calls
E                        A                B
Just to talk to you and hear your voice again
E                          A                   B
That flower shop on main knows me by my first name
And how I want the card to read 
     F#m                B 
and where I want the roses sent

E            B             E         B           C#m
Now I'm not saying I'm in love I'd admit it if I was
(C#m)               F#m              B               E            
I'm just saying I believe You're beginning to get to me
           B                E                B                 C#m       
The way I need you all the time The way you hold this heart of mine
              F#m           A
I think it's time that I concede 
            B                    E       Bm      
You're beginning to get to 1.)3.)me   2.)me,  go to lead

E                    A                      B
Got your picture up on the dash of my new truck
E                           A             B
So I can have you with me every road I'm on
E                   A                          B
Babe if what I feel is just the tip of what I will
C#m                            F#m                      B
I can only guess what I'll be like when I'm completely gone

Go to chorus, lead, chorus