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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  May 29, 1998
Album: Lee Ann Womack
Written by: Mark D. Sanders\Ed Hill

           BUCKAROO    Lee Ann Womack

Guitar Riff (basic idea) Listen to the recording 
for the timing.

I ain't looking for a smart guy, school guy
Some proud in-crowd decked-out necktie
G                      A             D
I need a man who can tame a wild mustang
G                            A           D    
Knows the difference 'tween love and a lust thing
              A                      G
somebody who looks a whole lot like you
  A    D
Ain't interested in a yes 'mam yes man
I'll pass on the politically correct man
G                      A      D
I'm set on fencin' a despera-do
G                          A      D
Takes my breath away like Colora-do
G                    A                 G
Who ain't afraid to walk a mile in my boots
  A    D
Bb       F     C          G   Bb              F         A     
Heaven knows what I might do If I had me a cowboy like you
  A    D
Don't have to wow me like a long beard Shakespeare
Just talk plain talk right here in my ear
G                   A       D
If you aspire to sophisti-cation
G                                  A     D
I'll tell you now you're in the wrong location
G                             A                   G
Get out of here before this country girl gets to you
G                               A       D
But if you like sunset on the painted desert
G                      A         D
The Lone Ranger and spaghetti westerns
G                        A               G  
I'll tell you right now I'm the one for you
  A    D     	vamp on D........
Bucka-roo         Buckaroo  Buckaroo