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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  November 24, 1998
Written by:

            BUSY MAN   Billy Ray Cyrus

G                                                            Em
There's a little boy out in the driveway His basket ball in hand
"Hey Daddy can we play a little one on one."
D                                                    G
He patted him on the back, "Not now, son. I'm a busy man."
G                                                        Em 
His sister's out on the sidewalk setting up a lemonade stand
"Hey Daddy, don't you wanna buy a glass from me?"
Said, "Maybe later.  Can't you see I'm a busy man?"
      Em        G           D               G
Gotta go Gotta run Hit it hard and get it done 
C                              D
Everyone can see you're going far
            Em          G             D                G
You've got responsibli-ties A crazy schedule that you keep
And when you say that time's a-wasting 
C                             D    Em   G
You don't know how right you are, Busy Man

G                                                                Em
There's a woman in the bedroom crying Saying, "I thought we had plans?"
He said, "Honey, I'm sorry. I'll make it up 
D                                                G
when the job slows down and I'm not such a busy man."
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 D                                         Em                                    
Have you ever seen a headstone with these words?
D                                  A
If Only I had spent more time at work.
G                                                                   Em 
There's a call one day from the office We need you down in Birming-ham
He says, "No way.  The weekend's mine.
D                                                                 G
I've got plans with my kids and a date with my wife. I'm a busy man."
      Em        G           D                  G 
Gotta go Gotta run Take a break and have some fun
C                                         D
Those who love you most say, you've come far
          Em          G             D                G
Got some new priori-ties in that schedule that you keep
              C                                                    D
And when you say that time's a-wasting Now you know how right you are
Em    G   Em   G
Busy Man Busy Man