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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  October 7, 1998
Album:  Write It In Stone
Written by:

COMING BACK FOR YOU            Keith Harling

Intro chords  F Bb F Bb

F                  Bb                     F   Bb
I'm packing up my Coppertone and Ray-bans
F                   Bb                    F  Bb
Heading out to the edge of the dry land
Bb                     C            Bb             C   F  
I was down there just last spring  During tourist sea-son
Bb                C          Bb                   F   C   
I gotta get back there again But for a different rea-son

F                       Bb
It ain't the sailboats out on the water 
F                      C
It ain't the taste of Pina Coladas
F                     Bb  
It ain't the fishing I've been missing
F                C                 Bb  
Or the miles of sand on the ocean beach
C                       F   Bb F Bb
Oh I'm coming back for you

F                       Bb                     F  Bb
We're going out of our minds in the moonlight
F                     Bb                F   Bb
Tanned bodies tangled all up all night
Bb                 C            Bb                C     F 
I remember that gentle breeze  Playing with your long hair
Bb                       C          Bb                   F    C   
And how you said you'd wait for me Well, by morning I'll be there

F  Bb                   F    Bb                  F  Bb  F Bb     
   I'm coming back for you  I'm coming back for you-ou-ou      
         F Bb F Bb
Oh yeah