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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  October 3, 1998
Written by:

         EVERYTIME   Pam Tillis
D                        A                      Em
Everytime that you walk by I can't believe that I
               A      A7 
Have to live without you
D                      A                        Em
Everytime I hear your name It hits me just the same
                      A   A7
I wished that I knew how to

F                        Am                          Dm
Make you notice Make you see Turn your angel eyes to me
(Dm)                      F       Bb  C   
Let me show you all the love I'm hid-ing
F                             Am                     Dm
Just when I think I find the words I go and lose my nerve
                    A  Em   D  
And I die a little ev-ery time  

1.)ooooo  2.) go to bridge
D                      A                       Em
Everytime I say this prayer  I say how much I care
                     A   A7 
And how I want you near me
D                          A                         Em
Tell the moon and stars a-bove I need your precious love
                    A  A7
If only you could hear me, then I

Go to chorus

Bb                       D            Eb                  D  
Someday I'll tell you Someday My love the way I feel for you
Eb                      D         Bb                   D  Em G A A7 D A Em 
Someday you'll look in-to my eyes The way that lovers do

Oooooo ooo, go to lead, I'd like to, go to chorus

Em G                A  A7  D
      Oooh oh baby ev-ery-time