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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  December 14, 1998
Writteb by:

        EVERY LITTLE WHISPER   Steve Wariner

        Ab                     Db
It's an old fashioned feeling That's gone wild
Ab                             Eb
It's a walk by the river on a slow summer night
          Ab             Db
It's the rhythm of love Everywhere I go
          Bbm                Db         Eb
It's the sound of her voice here in my soul

               Ab                 Fm
Every little whisper every little sigh
              Ab                        Db 
Every time I hold her I think I'm gonna die
               Ab                           Fm 
Everytime her heart beats I know that I'm alive
                    Db     Eb           Ab    Db Db Ab Db Db Ab     
With every little whisper every little sigh

              Ab                  Db 
There's this thing that she does That she don't even know
Ab                        Db             Eb
I don't say a word   Man, I just let her go
           Ab                  Db      
There's a smile that she says when she lets her hair down
 Bbm               Db                 Eb
Deep in the night There is only one sound

Chorus, lead, chorus

                    Db      Eb          Ab
With every little whisper every little sign