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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  August 7, 1998
Album: Crazy Nights
Written by:


F                         Bb                  F
Funny you should show up after all of these years
Bb                                       F    C
   Yea, things sure have changed around here
F                                  Bb                    F
Seen a lot of strangers since they put that interstate through
       Bb                              F
Don't seem the same town that we once knew

F              Am     F              Am
They put up a plant where we use to park
      Dm                 Bb
That old drive in is the new Wal-Mart
F             Am      F                  Am
The café is closed where our names were carved
On that corner booth
        Bb                             C           F
Yea, everything's changed, except the way I feel about you

F                         Bb                  F
That west bound Santa Fe don't stop here any-more
Bb                                      F      C
   You were one of the last to get on board
F                              Bb                  F
That street that we grew up on you wouldn't recog-nize
        Bb                                     F
Girl, nothing's been the same since you said goodbye

Chorus, lead, chorus

       Bb                            C           F
Yea everything's changed except the way I feel about you