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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  August 17, 1998
Written by:

              A FOOL'S PROGRESS    Clint Daniels

G         D                                                    G
  Well I ain't been drinking if you're thinking that's why I called
           D                                               G
I finally got my act together and I hardly ever touch the stuff at all
      Em                                      A
Just thought you'd like to hear what's been going on
Em                                A
There's been a few changes since you've been gone

G                              A
I've come a long way from the man you left
         G                  A
I don't run around I don't lie to myself
G                       Bm
If you care anymore, I don't love you any less
     G                       A                D
I'm just bringing you up to date on a fool's progress

I finally got that promotion 
Cause the boss said he's noticed a change in me
Well I guess he saw a little of that protential 
That you used to see
Em                           A
Girl your leaving must have woke me up
Em                           A
Got a handle on my life now I'm working on love

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