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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  October 16, 1998
Written by:

     GETCHA SOME        Toby Keith

C  G                  D
  Boy meets girl and it's a good bet
     Em                          C
The girl's gonna play a little hard to get
G                      D                   Em    C
But they both got the same thing on their minds
G                   D
Ain't that the way that the world goes round
Em                       C
Don't it get cha up and get cha down
          G                      D                  Em      C
Get cha walking around with a flashlight trying to find it


CHORUS:            3.)F#m  
G  D                  Em           C                  G                
Oo-oo  gotta get cha some Get cha some gotta get cha some
G  D                 Em     C 
Oo-oo gotta get cha some
           G D Em C 
1.) love           
2.) money,           chorus, yeah, lead (G D Em C)
3.) babies,          chorus but the Em becomes F#m, yeah

G                    D
Then boy sees girl with another guy
Em                              C
What he wouldn't give just to catch her eye
G           D         Em  C
Cause, man,    she is so hot
     G                         D
But you can't compete with a super star
           Em                    C
He's got a big old house and a little red car
G                     D                   Em  C
What you need is the one thing you ain't got


Go to chorus using 2.)
       G                    D
Then  God smiled down from up above
     Em                       C
The money rolls in and they fall in love
G                        D                Em       C 
From the outside looking in it's a dream come true
G                                D
But as time goes by something turns up missing
        Em                      C
There's not enough hugging and not enough kissing
G                  D                      Em   C  
For to long they better do what they gotta do

You know

Chorus using 3.)
G           D              Em      C 
You know, curtain climbers    and rug rats
       G             D                              Em
And tricycle motors and it's don't matter what you call 'em
(Em)                              C
You've got to have a whole house full of 'em
G        D                       Em        C 
Ain't nothing in the world like younguns
                 G D Em C
Get cha some