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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  May 26, 1998
Written by:

        THERE GOES MY BABY   Trisha Yearwood

G  C          Em               F    G            C
  He was the kind of guy who loved so unselfish-ly
C          Em                    F           G            F
And every-one could see what a prize he was everyone but me
G          Em   C              Dm                              Fm 
I must be blind I must be the kind who don't know what I have
(Fm)                         C
Till I'm all alone and sad

C                   (C C C)
There goes my baby
(C)                  A7                    Dm
Like the sun falling out of the clear blue sky
Dm                  Fm
There goes my baby
(Fm)           G               C 
And it's gonna be a cold hard night
C                  Bb       
Now I finally see how I need him to be
Dm                Fm    C             Am
Right here by my side There goes my baby
Dm                 C   G
Bye bye baby good-bye  

Dm                 C   Dm      Fm        C
Bye bye baby good-bye bye bye baby good-bye  

C            Em             F        G                   C
How could I have a love so fine And not know what it's worth
C           Em              F             G            F   
Maybe this empty heart he left behind Is all that I deserve
G             Em    C                Dm
What kind of fool finds the perfect jewel
(Dm)                          Fm     
But can't see how it shines
(Fm)                              C
Till she's all alone and crying

go to chorus

Fm                  Bb             C 
How I wish I could hold him in my arms and say

BASS DOWN           Fm

(Fm)                            C                 Dm  G7 
This time I'm gonna treat him right but it's too la---te