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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  May 26, 1998
Written by:

I SAW THE LIGHT   Hal Ketchum

        Bbm       Ab           Bbm                      Ab
It was late last night  I was feeling something wasn't right
      Bbm                      Ab         Db       Ebm
There was not another soul in sight  Only you only you
       Bbm     Ab            Bbm                           Ab
So we walked alone Though I knew that there was something wrong
          Bbm                  Ab          Db
And the feeling hit me oh so strong  About you-ou-ou
          Bbm       Ab           Db               Eb
And you gazed up at me And the answer was plan to see
        Ebm       Ab          Ebm Db          Ebm  Db
Cause I saw the light in your ey--es  in your ey---es
           Bbm     Ab           Bbm                    Ab
Though we had our fling I just never would suspect a thing
           Bbm                  Ab         Db         Ebm
Till that little bell began to ring in my head in my head
       Bbm     Ab           Bbm                        Ab
But I tried to run though I knew it wouldn't help me none
          Bbm                  Ab       Db
Cause I couldn't ever love no one So I said
         Bbm       Ab              Db               Eb
But my feeling for you Were just something I never knew
       Ebm      Ab           Ebm  Db          Ebm  Db 
Till I saw the light in your ey---es  in your ey---es  go to lead
       Bbm               Ab
But I love (I love) you best 
         Bbm                     Ab
And it's not something I say in jest
                  Bbm                       Ab
Cause you're a different girl from all the rest
In my eyes
  Bbm        Ab         Db             Eb
I ran out before but I won't do it no more
          Ebm       Ab        Ebm  Db        Ebm  Db   
Can't you see the light in my ey---es  in my ey---es
      Ebm  Db         Ebm  Db
in my ey---es   in my ey---es    ect.