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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: January 30, 1999
Album:  Strait Out Of The Box  Disk Three
Written by:  Wayland Patton, Larry Cordle, Jeff Tanguary


G D A A7 D
     D                                     A
1.) I've always said "I Do" too easy  And now I'm paying the price
    A7                                               D
A weakness for beautiful women is my most expensive vice
D                                                         G
I still believe in  matrimony But I can't afford another try
A                   A7                                D
Child support and alimony Is just about the bleed me dry

          G                                  D
I've got ex-es all across the country and I owe everybody in town
          G                F#m
I've got bill collectors calling me up 
      Em                        A7    
and lawyers trying to track me down
I'm just one wrong move from the poor house
(D)                     G
But I don't belong in there
(G)                          D
I've got so many ex-es and "owe" so much
          A                    A7        D
1.)   I  ought to be on     Hollywood Squares 
2.) They ought to put me on Hollywood Squares
    G          D                  A    A7    D       G D A A7 D  
1.)Yea,    I ought to be on     Holly-wood Squares
2.)Yea, they ought to put me on Holly-wood Squares

      D                                                    A
2.) Looking back over my love life I only have myself to blame
(A)                                A7
I guess I should have checked the price tag 
(A7)                       D
before I gave 'em my last name
(D)                                                                  G
Now my credit rating's in the gutter And the bottom line sure looks bad
A                                          A7                   D
I'll be paying the rest of my life for the few good times I've had

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