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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: March 3, 1999
Written by:

          I'M LEAVING        Arron Tippin

Intro chords   G D A

       D           G        D                A
As we pass in the hall she said we need to talk
G                                D  A  A7
I can't go on like this another day
Em              A           Em               A
I froze in my tracks and a chill went up my back
         Em                 A              
Cause I knew she was gonna say
           D               G        D              A 
She said there's someone else I've kept it to my-self
F#m                      Am                    G
But I can't keep these feelings locked up in-side
       G                A         G                A   
And I need to tell you this It's one of your old friends
G                                A
One you haven't talked to in a while she said

                 G     A                              D
1.) I'm       leaving     and there's nothing you can do
                 G     Em                     A   A7 
I said I had a feeling    you found somebody new
A7                   G             A           A7         F#m 
And I'll bet I can guess his name but it's so hard to be-lieve
                                Em           A                A7
"Aw" She said "you aren't even close. It's someone you don't know
I'm leaving you for me."

         G                A
I just stood there at a lost for words
Em                   D
Trying to catch my breath
         G                                A
Cause I knew that It's was over when she said

Go to chorus

              Em                      A                A7  
She said you aren't even close It's someone you don't know
I'm leaving you   for me