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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  August 17, 1998
Written by:

LAST DATE   EmmyLou Harris

 C         F
It's over     our love affair  
C            F
Too late now    I find I care
C              F
His sweet love    no more I share
          C         G          C                 F
Now he's gone I'm alone I was wrong should have known
          C     G7        C      
Took me home on our last date
C            F
I search for   a single way 
C           F 
To tell him   what I had to say
C               F
I kissed him watched him walk away 
          C           G          C        F
Set him free foolish-ly left for me miser-y
       C     G7        C   
Traged-y on our last date

F                    G          C
Took his ring from trembling fingers
         F             G     C
Brush a tear from my baby's eye
      F           G         C            F
Walk away didn't know that I'd miss him so 
Guess I was too young to real-ise

So I  
       C            F
I can see how much    he really meant to me
C        F     
And soon    he would always be
        C          G           C              F
On my mind in my heart I was blind from the start
       C     G7        C   
Lost love on our last date