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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  November 24, 1998
Album: If You See Her
Written by:

LOST AND FOUND   Brooks & Dunn
I lost her trail on a Friday night
          A                E
She was gone before I got home
E                                  F#m               B
Shed been getting restless in that big house all a-lone
Now I've been up and down these city streets
     A                 E
For three nights in a row
     A                  E                     F#m              E
And Lord it's hard to find that girl when she gets the urge to go

                      A                   B
It's kind of like a lost and found in a border town
E                       A
Asking about a diamond ring
           E                       A
They just look at you like you've lost your mind
Say they haven't seen a thing
        A                     B           E               A
But I know she's been here lately I can still smell her perfume
                  B        F#m  E  
Yeah, she gets crazy on a full moon
I know she'll be coming back
              A               E
Her car's waiting right out side
E                                 F#m             B
I don't wanna think about who's taking her for a ride
         E                   A                    E
And her unpredictiablity's what I love about her best
A                      E                   F#m             E
But I gotta find her quick 'for she does something I'll regret.

Go to chorus.
A                 B         A              B
She's out there somewhere burning up the night
A                    B
Somehow I've got to run her down
C#m                 B
I'm running out of time

Chorus, chorus to fade