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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  April 26, 1998
lbum:  Thank God For Believers
Written by: Mark Chesnutt\Roger Springer\Slugger Morrissette
Note: Thanks to Lluis Sala for the writer's info.

        I MIGHT EVEN QUIT LOVING YOU    Mark Chestnutt

C                Bb               C
Every since you told me we were through
           Bb   F          C
I've been down I've been down
 C                 Bb               C
Liquor said I'd finally take your place
             Bb     F          C
Never came around never came around
Bb                       F          C
One of these days I'll stand on my own
Bb                        F          G
I'll turn this bleeding heart into stone

                 Bb                                         C
Gonna reach way down inside Gonna find a brand new will to live
                    Bb                         G
I've got plans to forget the way you made me feel
             Bb                   F                C
Gonna walk outside one night and turn your memory loose
       Bb           F                C
When I do I might even quit loving you
       Bb           F               C
When I do I might even quit loving you

C                    Bb                 C
There was a time I thought I knew for certain
            Bb   F           C
You'd come home you'd come home
C                  Bb             C
Judging from the nights I spent without you
       Bb   F       C
I was wrong I was wrong
Bb                   F                C
The time's finally come to face the truth
Bb                      F          G
There's only one thing left I can do

Go to chorus, to lead, during lead "I might even quit loving you" twice