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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  August 13, 1998
Written by:

(A)            D                  G         A   D    G  A 
    It's the kind of night that dreams are made of
        D                   G        A    D     G  A
Not a cloud in the sky and full moon up above
         D                    G       A   D     G  A
I could swear the stars have all been a-ligned
       D               G      A   D    G   A    
To be leading to this moment in time
G                        D 
Summer winds breathing down our necks
A                  D
It's too early to go home yet
G                   D
I lay my head down on your chest
And our hearts are pounding together
It won't ever be to last forever


  D  G   A  D   G                     A          D      
Hold me un-til the final will making time stand still
D       G    A   D    G          A        D    3.)go to ending
Don't waste one kiss Oh I wanna remember this  
G            A       D     1.)G A D G A  2.) G A go to bridge
Oh I wanna remember this

       D                G       A  D   G A
As we lie here in the soft and qu-iet
         D                   G   A    D   G A 
I wanna take this night and memorize it
             D              G    A   D      G A
Love can be here today and gone to-morrow
               D              G       A   D   G A
This could be all we get for all that we know
G                 D
When your touch falls on my skin
A                              D
Don't ever want to leave this space we're in
     G                       D
Or forget the moon on your face just then
Let's stay lost in the shadows I never want to let you go

Go to chorus


C              Bm          Em                 D        A   E
Long as I have had to wait I don't want this tide to fade-ade

Lead, chorus, ending

G          A   D             G                  A          D
Losing my-self in your kiss No it doesn't get better then this
G            A       D     G A D G A D
Oh I wanna remember this