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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: February 10, 1999
Album:  Tanya Tucker
Written by:  Peter Noah


A                          B7
When I was child down in South Caroline
              D                    A              
Soon's the Saturday's sun went on down
A                                      B7
My folks and sister would go leave me home all alone
D                                   A
Going to that big square dance in town
        F#m                       G#m
Well my old radio would play that old opry show
      Bm                    A
So I never got lonesome or blue
            F#m                        C#m         
I'd fall a-sleep in my chair And dream I was not there
Bm                                E
Just a-singing the whole night through
A                                         B7
When my folks would come home They'd be humming a song
              D                             A
Momma would smile and say Child don't you know
                D                               A
There ain't a thing in this world  To make you fall in love girl
              Bm    E       A    
Like the old San Antonio Stroll     go to Lead
A                                     B7
Well the day finally would come when momma would say hon
            D                        A
It's about time you came with us as well
A                             B7
Well I had me a time Yes I danced all night
           D                              a
Till they rang that old cracked midnight bell
          F#m                           C#m
Then the lights went down low And the fiddler picked up his bow
        B7                           A
And he played something stately and slow
        F#m                      C#m
And my sister, Eileen, and her husband to be
           Bm                  E
They held hands and began to stroll
             A                       B7
I've been a-way for a while But it still brings a smile
        D                       A   
When I think of the way that it goes
          D                         A
Now I'll sing it to you just so we both can do
         Bm     E       A   
That old San Antonio Stroll      Lead  A B7 
D A A B7 D A7
          D                         A
Now I'll sing it to you just so we both can do
         Bm    E       A
That old San Antonio Stroll