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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: February 6, 1999
Written by:

    SHOT FULL OF LOVE         Juice Newton

Intro   D A G A
  D            A           Bm     G              Bm       A
Once I had a heart cold as ice   Love to me was only for fun
 G          Bm       F#           G           D             A   
I'd make a mark for each broken heart Like knotches on the butt 
      G    A
of a gun.
 D             A          Bm              G      Bm        A
Once I had a trick up my sleeve and a reputation all over town.
         G           Bm         F#      G        D                A
I was heartless and cold where-ever I'd go  and shot down every young 
        G    a
boy I found

         G                            D    A      
        Yes I use to be a moonlight bandit I use to be a heartbreak 
         G                      D                        Bm
        Then I met you and the next thing I knew there I was
    G                       D    
        I'm  shot full of love.

   D                  A         Bm         G            Bm       A
Who'd have thought someone like you could take a desper-ado like me
 G        Bm        F#         G        D                  A     
Oh here I am I'm as meek as a lamb with my bleeding heart there at
      G    A
your feet.
           CHORUS     LEAD    CHORUS     CHORUS