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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: February 19, 1999
Album:  Reba
Written by:  Barbara Belle\Louis Prima\Anita Leonard\Stan Rhodes
Note:  This is a highly stylized song making the placement of chords over
correct lyrics difficult.  So the chords are more or less in the correct place.
This song is based on a vamp so play along with the recording and adjust
The chords to the place you like.  This is a basic jazz tune so there is a lot
Of minor and major chord play on the same chord.



Intro chords C C9 F G  C C9 (F G) 

(F     G)   C   C9           F
I want a Sunday    kind of love  
G                 C             C9   
  A love to last past Saturday night
F            G            C         C9             F  
I'd like to know if it's more then love at first sight
          G              C   C9 F G
I wanna Sunday kind of love
                C    C9       
And I wanna a love that's on the square 
F               G        C      C9        F       
Can't seem to find some-body  Someone to care
     G                C             C9            F
And I'm on a lonely road that leads    to nowhere
            G             C  C9 C C#9 C9
I need a Sunday kind of love
I do all my Sunday dreaming and all my Sunday Scheming 
        F            Fm         F  B9
Every minute, every hour every day
And I'm hoping to discover A certain kind of lover
          Dm          G
Who will show me the way
              C      C9
My arms need someone to hold 
F           G          C            C9      F   G
To keep me warm when Mondays and Tuesdays grow cold
               C                  C9
And I need a love all my life to have and to hold
F           G             C     C9 B9
I wanna a Sunday kind of lover
B9                         F           Fm
Oh yeah, I don't wanna a Monday or a Tuesday, 
      C             C9      Em         
A Wednesday or a Thursday Friday or Saturday
F              Fm
I don't want nothing baby
G                             C   C9 B9 C
But I want a Sunday Kind of love