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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  May 5, 1998
Written by:
Note:  Thanks to Tracey Switzer for the artist's name.
Does the writer of this song know that Crocadile tears are false tears?

           TEXAS SIZE HEARTACHE    Joe Diffie

 B7             E           A            E
She was like dynamite she blew my world away
B7                 E         A            B7   
It was a pitiful sight me begging her to stay
                E       A            B7   
I never had a hunch so how was I to know
               E          A                  B7       
She packed a punch that knocked my heart out cold

She put a hurtin' on this old cowboy
Rode my heart like a little play toy
Brought me to my knees from ten feet tall
The night she left me in Amarillo

I cried crocadile tears in my pillow
The bigger they are they harder they fall
             B7                              A
How could a blue eyed beauty only five foot three
                               E   B7 E
Lay a Texas size heartache on me 

B7                   E             A                  E
She came across so cool I didn't think that I'd get burned
           B7       E            A             B7
Now I'm a big old fool with a leaving lesson learned
                 E      A         E           
Thought I was strong like old Hercules
B7              E               A            B7     
She proved me wrong with her little "Say La Vie"

go to chorus, repeat last two lines of chorus for ending.