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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  July 18, 1998
Written by:
Note:  The chorus on the record sounds like there is only
two chords but I've added others cause it helps to sing
the song.

TRUE     George Strait

G                           D
True, in this modern world when two lovers get together,
Em                      D   
Chances of them ever making it to forever
(D)                                        G
Couldn't be better then two in a million hearts
G                              D  
Girl, this sin't just another run of the mill emtion
Em                      D 
What I'm feeling is a definition of devotion
(D)                 G
My love for you is true

Bm            Em          G       D
True like the sun coming up each morning
Bm             Em          C      G
Bright as the light in a baby's smile
Bm          Em       G      D
Sure as a mountain river winding
Bm            Em              C        D
Right as the rain is falling from the sky
Em        D       C      G  
Girl my love for you is true

G                        D
True not another minute on this earth can be borrowed
Em                         D
So there's no way to know when I'll live my last tomorrow
(D)                                  G
But every day I get I'll share with you
(G)                                D
This feeling just keeps getting stronger as the time goes by
Em                       D
It's written on my face you can see it in my eyes
(D)                 G
My love for you is true

chorus, chorus