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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  September 20, 1998
Album: Sevens
Written by:

YOU MOVE ME   Garth Brooks

E                       G#m   E            G#m
This is how it seems to me  Life is only therapy
A               E            B
Real expensive And no guaran-tee

E                     G#m  E                    G#m
So I lie here on the couch With my heart hanging out
A                  E                        B
Frozen solid with fear Like a rock in the ground

                  C#m     A E B
Wo honey but you move me
    C#m           A           E            B
1.) You give me courage I   didn't know I had
2.) Out of       myself and into the      fire
3.) You get me  dancing and  you make me  sing
    C#m      A E B
You move me
            C#m            A             E           B
1.)   No, I can't go with you and       stay where I am
2.) Now I'm burning with  love and with hope and     desire
3.) Now I'm taking        delight in    every little thing
So you move me

E                       G#m   E                    G#m 
This is how love was to me    I could look and not see 
A                    E                             B 
Going through thee emotions Not knowin' what they mean
E                    G#m E                    G#m 
And it scared me so much That I just wouldn't budge  no, no, no
A                           E                       B
I might have stayed there forever if not for your touch
Go to chorus using 2.) go to bridge
F#m       E               B
You go whistling in the dark
         E       B
Making light of it  Making light of it
F#m                    B         
And I follow with my heart  Laughing all the way
Go to chours using 3.0 then to ending
     F#m     C#m            F#m         A          
Wo oh wo you move me  Wo oh wo you move me
     F#m         C#m           E 
Wo oh wo you move me  Wo oh Wo oh