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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  August 17, 1998
Album:  Sittin' On Top Of The World
Written by: Rick Bowles\Tom Shapiro\Josh Leo


Intro Chords  Eb  G#  Bb  Eb  Eb G# Bb Eb

Eb              G#          Bb
No where to go  All night together babe
Eb                G#       Eb 
Another nice try from Mr. Wrong
Eb              G#      Bb   
Late night T.V. On my horizon
Eb                        G#           Eb
National Anthem and I'm barely hanging on
G#               Eb
Just a typical Saturday night
G#                           Bb
Feeling like the rest of my life   There was

F            C         F
Nothing new under the moon
F               C        F
Same old dance same old tune
       F        Bb          C          F
Just wishes on stars that never came true
Bb                         C
Just one more magic it's true
Bb                     C          F   Eb G# Bb Eb  Eb G# Bb Eb
Nothing new under the moon  till you

Eb                 G#          Bb       
Hey what a change Hey what a concept
Eb                    G#     Eb 
Here's a true heart wanting mine
Eb           G#          Bb       
News splash who'd ever thought you could have 
     G#                  Bb       Eb
The same feeling at the very same time
G#                        Eb
Look at what your love's doing to me
G#                         Bb
I can't believe I use to believe  There was

Chorus, lead, chorus

While vamping on Eb G# Bb Eb sing the following.

Nothing new under the moon till you 
                            (There was nothing new under the moon)