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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  October 13, 1998
Written by:

          WINE INTO WATER    T. Graham Brown

F                             Bb            F
You've heard a multitude of prayers on my behalf
   Bb                    C               F 
I pray that one more is not too much to ask
Bb                        Gm         F
I've tried to fight this battle by myself
F                            Gm               F
But it's a war that I can't win without your help

    Bb           C      F   
To-night I'm as low as any man can go
Dm                               Gm      C
I'm down and I can't fall much farther
     Bb          C                    F        Bb  
And once upon a time you turned the water into wine
Bb                                   C
Now on my knees I'm turning to you father
           Bb               C              F
Could you help me turn the wine back into water?

F                   Bb              F    
So many times I've hurt the ones I love
    Bb                C             F
I pushed them to the edge of giving up
      Bb             Gm                 F 
They stood by me but how much can they stand?
F                    Gm             F  
If I don't put this bottle in your hands

Go to chorus
    Bb              Gm                 Am                   F 
I shook my fist at heaven for all the hell that I've been through
         Bb                             C      
Now I'm beggin' for forgiveness and a miracle from you, cause

Go to chorus, to ending


Yeah, yeah
           Bb               C              F
Could you help me turn the wine back into water?