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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  September 29, 1998
Written by:

WINGS OF A DOVE   Ferling Husky??  Misc. catergory

On the wings of a snow white dove
               F                           C    
God sends his own pure love  A sign from above
G7                  C   F  C 
On the wings of a dove

                       C                   F
1.) When trouble surrounds us When evil comes 
                G                      C   F  C
     The body grows weak the spirit grows numb
                         C                       F 
     When these things besit us  He doesn't for-get us
                          C     G7                  C  F C
     His sends down his love    On the wings of a dove

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                     C                    F
2.) When Noah had drifted on the salty waves
                      G7               C  F  C
     He searched for land in various ways
                  C                        F 
     Troubles he had some but wasn't for-gotten
                       C     G7
     He sent down his love   on the wings of a dove.

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