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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: April 4, 1999
Written by: Steve Wariner\"Wispering" Bill Anderson

TWO TEARDROPS       Steve Wariner
Two teardrops  Two teardrops
F                     C                F
Two teardrops were floating down the river 
F              C           F
One teardrop said to the other
Bb                                          F
I'm from the soft blue eyes of a woman in love
F                       C        F
I'm a tear of joy she couldn't carry
F                     C             F 
She was so happy she just gotten married
Bb                                                   F
I was on her cheek when she wiped me away with her glove
Bb                                  C                  Bb
I could tell from the look on her face she didn't need me
       Bb                   F                     C 
So I drifted on down and caught me a ride to the sea
F                              G          F 
The other tear drop said we've got a con-nection
F                      C
I'm a tear of sorrow born of rejection
Bb                                       F
I'm from the sad brown eyes of her old flame
F                            C             F
She told him they would be life long com-panions
F                            C
Left him with questions and not any answers
Bb                                                F
I was on his cheek as he stood there calling her name
         Bb                        C          Bb
I could tell he had a lot of my friends for company
       Bb                  F                      C
So I drifted on down and caught me a ride to the sea   go to chorus 1.)

               Dm                    C 
1.)2.)Oh the ocean's a little bit bigger tonight
       Bb                   F
1.)2.)Two more teardrops somebody cried
      Dm                                            Bb   C  
1.)2.)One of them happy and one of them bluer than blue
       Dm                    C
1.)2.)Tide goes out and the tide comes in
         Bb                  F
1.)And someday they'll be  teardrops again
2.)A   whole new circle of life begins
     Dm                                                  Bb   C
1.)Released in a moment of pleasure or a moment of      pain
2.)Where tears are part of the pleasure and part of the pain
                  Bb                C           F
1.)2.)Then they drift on down and ride to sea again

F                         C      F
Last night I sat in the waiting room
F                         C           F
The nurse walked in and gave me the news
Bb                                 F
It's a baby girl and they're both fine
F                    C        F  
Old man sitting not ten feet away
F                      C           F 
Just lost his wife and he said to me
Bb                                          F
You've got a brand new angel and I've lost mine
             Bb                        F               Bb
I guess the Good Lord giveth and the Good Lord taketh away
Bb                                      C
And we both wiped a teardrop from our face   go to chorus 2.) then to ending

F                 C                  F      F    
Two teardrops floating down to the river  (Two teardrops, two teardrops)
F                 C                  F           F  
Two teardrops floating down to the river Ohhhh (Two teardrops, two teardrops)

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