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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  June 19, 1999
Album: Party Doll And Other Favorites
Written by:
Note:  Sometimes radio station will speed up or slow down songs in order
For them to fit in a specific time. This happened to this song.  I'm
Reasonably sure that this is the key.

     ALMOST HOME        Mary Chapin Carpenter

F#                                                  B
Saw my life this morning lying at the bottom of a drawer
F#                                                           B
All this stuff I'm saving, God knows, what all this junk is for
     G#m           E                F#            B
And whatever I believed in This is all I have to show
         G#m                  E
What the hell were all the reasons 
For holding on for such dear life here's where I let go

           B               E                B
I'm not running, I'm not hiding, I'm not reaching
      F#                                    B
I'm resting in the arms of the great white open
                E             G#m F#    B  
Gonna pull my soul in and I'm al-most home  2.) yeah yeah yeah

F#                                                   B
And I saw you this morning you were staring back at me
F#                                                              B
From an ancient photograph stuck between some letters and some keys
           G#m         E            F#               B
And I was lost for a moment in the ache of old good-byes
         G#m              E
Sometime all that we can know is
Is there's no such thing as no regrets Well baby It's alright.

Chorus, "yeah, yeah" lead,
Is there's no such thing as no regrets Well baby It's alright.

Chorus,  to ending

        G#m F#    B           G#m F#   B    
And I'm al-most home  And I'm al-most home