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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  November 26, 1999
Written by:

      BECAUSE YOU LOVE ME    Jo Dee Messina

          A            E
I don't know how I survived 
         D                                 A    E
In this cold and empty world For all this time
        A              E                 D  A   D E
I only know that I'm alive Because you love me
           A                      E
When I re-call what I've been through
                 D                            A  E
There are some things that I wished I didn't do
       A              E               D    A 
Now I do the things I do because you love me

                D                       E         A
And now that you're in my life I'm so glad I'm a-live
Cause you showed me the way
      C#7                   A  E                D   A  D E
And I know how good it can be     because you love me
lead,   Oh     go to chorus

       A                  E      D                       A        E
I be-lieve in things un-seen I believe in the message of a dream
       A                E                D   A    E
I be-lieve in what you are because you love me
             A                E
With all my heart and all my soul-oh- oul
            D                       F#m
I'm loving you and I never will let go
       A            E
Every day I let it show
              D   A
Because you love me
E             D   E   
Because you love me
D                  D   A 
Oooo because you love me