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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  November 16, 1999
Written by:
Note: This song uses both C and C+a.  Watch the notation.
X 	means not play   0 is open ok to play

C+a = XX5555
A=f# = 003333

               BRING IT ON    Keith Harling

Intro chords D C+a A+f#
D                             C+a                    D
A wounded bird alone and hurt  I can feel your sadd-ness
     C+a                     D              A+f# 
The heartache and the madd-ness Are hitting hard tonight
D                                        C+a                D
You're cornered up and hunkered down The walls are tall a-round you
C+a             D                       A+f#
For anyone to break through  It's gonna be a fight

         D                          G              D 
Bring it on Bring it on  All your anger and frus-tration
             D              C             G             D
You've been done wrong too long  And I'm man enough to change it
G         D                (D)        C
Maybe in time we'll turn water into wine
       Bb                      C     D C+a A+f#    D C+a A+f# 
Maybe love is what we'll  1.) find Bring it on  
                          2.) find, go to lead, repeat chorus 

D                              C+a                   D
It's not too late to fly away  I won't try and stop you
C+a                 D           C+a    A+f#      
You do what you've got to I'll under-stand
             D                     C+a                D
But if you need a place to land A haven safe and cer-tain
C+a                      D         A+f#
Someone to share your burden Then take my hand
Vamp on D C+a A+f#

Bring it on Bring it on yeah Bring it on