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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  September 17, 1999
Album:  Forget About It
Written by:
Note: The sound of the long held tone is E

                FORGET ABOUT IT   Allison Krauss and the Union Station
Intro long tone

E                  A
Forget about it   I'm admitting I was wrong
               F#m                                       E
And I'll just take what's mine and broken right out the door
E                A
Forget about it I'll split and I'll be gone
                  F#m                          E
And you'll have memories you'll find hard to ignore.
CHORUS use 1.)
1.)2.)Cause after all
                            E              A
1.) I'll see you sometime maybe when  I  can't recall
2.) I'll see you sometime maybe when you will recall
1.) How you drove me crazier   go to second verse
2.) How I drove you  crazier   go to bridge

E                 A    
Forget about it  When forever's over
            F#m                             E
I won't re-member how much I loved you any-more
E                 A
Forget About it  Put me out of your head
                 F#m                             E
Now that you're free and easy out there on the town
E                  A
Forget about it  When you're lying in  bed
                    F#m              E
Just wishing I was there to lay you down  go to chorus use 2.)
E                    A 
Forget about those star lit nights
E                                   A
Laying by the fireside holding you tight
E                         F#m      A
I can't remember when it felt so right
A                               E
But then you said "forget about it."              lead
E                A             
Forget about it When you see me On the street don't wait don't wave
              F#m                 E
Don't try to tease me with your smile
E                A
Forget about it If we chance to meet somewhere
                            F#m             E
Don't think it's cause I'm trying to recon-cile   go to chorus using 1.)