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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: April 15, 1999
Album:  Everywhere We Go
Written by:

YOU HAD ME FROM HELLO      Kenny Chesney

Intro chords   D A G D 
D                           A
  One word that's all you said
  Bm                A                G
Something in your voice cause me to turn my head
       D                 A
Your smile just captured me 
Bm               A           G
You were in my future far as I can see
    F#m                         G             A
And now I don't know how it happened but it happened still
     G              D                   A7
You asked me if I love you If I always will

       D       A        G           Bm                   A  
Well, you had me from hello  Now I felt a love start to grow
      D             Bm              A    A7 
The moment that I looked into your eyes  You own me
D       A             G          Bm                 D
It was over from the start You completely stole my heart
    Bm                   G  A      G        Bm                A 
And now you won't let me go    I never even had a chance you know
A7                D
You had me from hello

D                 A
Inside I built a wall 
    Bm             A                    G
So high around my heart I thought I'd never fall
      D                A
One touch, you bought down 
 Bm              A              G
Bricks of my defences Scattered on the ground
       Fm             G            A
And I swore to me I wasn't gonna love again
     G                  D                     A7
The last time was the last time I let someone in 
D                A     Bm               A                G
That's all you said something in your voice cause me to turn my head
                  D   A  G                    D   A  G
You had me from hello       You had me from hello 
                             D  A G A A7 D
 Girl, I've loved you from hello