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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  November 28, 1999
Written by:

rf=Rythmn riff
D chord D chord  D chord+e    D chord
G chord+d  G chord+d  G chord  G chord+d

D chord +e = 000230
G chord +d = 3200033

             HERE COMES MY BABY    Mavericks

          G        C        D     rf(D)
In the midnight moonlight hour
      C       D             G    rf(G) 
She walking alone a lonely mile
      G     C     D rf(D)            C          D         G  rf(G)
And every time I do        I keep seeing this picture of you

G                  D                  G    D
Here comes my baby     here she come now
       G             C           Em            D  
And I comes to no surprize to me With another guy
D              G   D                  G   D
Here comes my baby   here she comes now
Walking with a love with a love so fine
  C           D                   G
Never to be mine no matter how I try

         G    C       D   rf(D)
You'll never walk a-lone
              C      D             G     rf(G)
And you're forever talking on the phone
        G      C          D   rf(D)
When I try to call your name
           C        D             G    rf(G)
But every-time it comes out the same

Chorus, lead,