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Transcribed by:  Alice Franceschini
Date:  November 16, 1999
Written by:

        HORSE 'CROSS TO MEXICO     Trini Triggs

Intro chords  C F C  C G7 C repeat

      C                Am         F            C
1.) I'm tire of waking up to a world full of problems
        F     C          G7               C     
See in reali-ty, you and me ain't gonna solve them
C                          Am
There's a little place in Texas
          F                    C
'bout a thousand miles from nowhere
       F            C       G7              C    
Baby maybe we just ought a pack up and go there

       F           Am             F         Am     
We can sit by the river while we heat up a tortilla
           F            G        G7 
Watch the Rio Grande go by real slow
           C           Am              F      Am  
And if we run out of Tequilla for our Margari-tas
        Am                          G7   C   F   
We can take our horse 'cross to 1.) Mexi-co go to 2nd verse
                                    G7    C   F      F  C   
                                2.) Mexi-co mexico go to lead, to bridge
                                    G7    C 
                                3.) Mexi-co (next weekend) go to ending
      C      Am       F             C
2.) Zeroyo cactus, coycotes on the hill
F               C             G7            C
Smoke for the fire roasting chilies on the grill
C            Am            F             C
Dirt floor adobe, Indian blanket on the door
C                    F              G7          C 
Leave the laptop and T.V. We don't need 'em no more
Go to chorus using 2.)
Wo oh Desert night is big and bright
With a million stars we're wasting time  go to 3rd verse
     C           Am  F           C     F            C      
3.) Here in the city we shop in malls eat out in restaurant
  G              C     
Screen all out calls 
C                 Am             F                   C
Go to work every morning Behind miles and miles of cars 
         F             C             G7           C 
Just to pay off the interest on our gold Master cards 
 F                        G7   C                 F                        G7  C
Take our horse 'cross to Mexi-co (next weekend) Take our horse 'cross to Mexi-co