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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  November 28, 1999
Written by:

     IT'S A BEAUTIFUL THING    Paul Brandt

Looks like everyone's here Had to put some folding chairs
         D                        A
In the visabule yea it's getting full
Even Old Aunt Ruby came Her first time on an aeroplane
           D                                                  A
It's her sister's girl she said she wouldn't miss it for the world
And all them younguns squirming in the pews
Mister Charlies in his lime green suit
        D                              A
Is a handsome man remarks Widow Calla-han
Uncle Joe and Uncle Jake haven't spoken since eighty-eight
       D                                  E
Just said hello it's a good day to let it go

             A                    F#m
So let the angels gather let the music play
            A                             F#m
Let the preacher get to preaching all the do you takes
 D       F#m          D   E                  A
Love-ove-ove-ove-ove-ove    Is a beautiful thing
            A                      F#m                                    
Throw the rice in the air Let the church bells ring
          A                      F#m
Tie the cans to the back of that limosine
 D       F#m           D  E                  A
Love-ove-ove-ove-ove-ove    Is a beautiful thing

Daddy waiting with the bride as she helps him with his tie
      D                       A
She sees a tear he said it's hot in here
He hugs his little girl then asks How did you grow up so fast
D                                        A
God, I wish your momma cold be here for this
Everybody stands and smile As she comes walking down the aisle
         D                               A
In her momma's gown and daddy breaks on down
Gran and Gramps in the second row Stood right there fifty years ago
      D                                   E
And said their vows I guess it's working out

Go to chorus
A loaded table full of gifts, catering has covered dish, 
      D                              A
The wedding band well that's on her hand
Found his keys and lowered lights pushed her down and made her cry
D                                    E
You're the one.  Knows the day will come

Go to chorus

 D       F#m          D   E                 D      F#m          D
Love-ove-ove-ove-ove-ove    Two people in love-ove-ove-ove-ove-ove
E                     A     A D A D
   It's a beautiful thing
 A    E   D      E                    A      A   E  F#m          A   
Love-ove-ove-ove   It's a beautiful thing  Love-ove-ove-ove-ove-ove