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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: April 28, 1999
Written by:

    I WILL BE THERE FOR YOU    Jessica Andrews

E             A               F#m       E 
   When I've lost faith you believed in me
           A              F#m    
When I stumbled you were right there
      E    A     F#m           A     D       E    D D D E   
For every act of love you've done I owe you one
             A           F#m        E  
There were hard times I know I sur-vived
          A                F#m    
Just be-cause you stayed by my side
      E      A       F#m           D         A   F   F# 
With all I have with all I am I promise you all my life

F#             B
Whenever the road is to long
C#             B          F#
Whenever the wind is to strong
 F#               B
Wherever this journey may lead to
A           B        F#
I will be there for you   1.) Oh 2.)Oh yes
A           B        E 
I will be there for you

           A             F#m    E
Through sorrow on the darkess night
                 A      F#m
When there's heartache deep down inside
      E       A         F#m      A 
Just like a prayer you will be there
         D         A   F  F# 
And I promise you all my life

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A                 B        A
I'll always be there.