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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  June 23, 1999
Written by:
Note: I no longer have this recording, but I am reasonably sure
I tab this song with the recording when I had it.

   LITTLE BITTY TEAR LET ME DOWN                 Burl Ives

           F                    Gm7    C7       Gm7      C7         F
When you said you were leaving tomorrow   that today was our last day
               F7 Bb  Bbm                 F         C7           F
I said there'd be no sorrow     that I'd laugh when you walked away.

                F                     Gm7  C7  Gm7        C7         F
But (then) a little bitty tear let me down     spoiled my act as a clown
                 F7              Bb   Bbm
I had it made up not to make a frown  
F             C7                F
But a little bitty tear let me down

   F                      Gm7     C7      Gm7         C7            F
I said I'd laugh when you left me Pull a funny as you went out the door
                 F7         Bb    Bbm   F     C7           F
That I'd  have another one waiting I'd wave goodbye as you go

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       F                 Gm7      C7    Gm7        C7          F
Everything went like I planned it and I really put on quite a show 
               F7            Bb       Bbm
In my heart I felt I could stand it   
           F               C7            F
Till you walked with your grip thru the door

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