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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  July 29, 1999
Written by:
Note: Radio stations sometimes play recordings faster or slower
when they are trying trying to fit them in a certain time frame.
This is the case with this song.  I am reasonable sure it's in
The key of E so here it is. 

          LONELY AND GONE        Montgomery Gentry

                 E                    A6
Pulled in the driveway picked up the paper
         F#m                    E 
Found my key and unlocked the door
         E                 A6
I walked in felt like a stranger
         F#m               E
Like I never been there before
           C#m               B7   
And as I wandered round the rooms
        C#m         B7 
It was silent as a tomb

                     E                     B7  
Could have heard a tear drop  Could have heard a heart break
                C#m                               A
Never saw the flood come Even though I felt the rain
                E                        B7
Never heard a house sound So loud with memories
            C#m                A 
Where there use to be a happy home
        F#m                B7                 A   E
In the house on the corner    of lonely and Gone-one

                      E                 A6
If she talked 'bout leavin' I wasn't listenin'
                    F#m               E
If she showed me a sign well I never saw
               E                   A6
Did she stop believin' did I stop givin'
               F#m                 E
Ain't put my finger on what went wrong
           C#m              B7
Now the quietess noise I'm told
         C#m            B7
Is the sound of letting go
Chorus, lead, Wo
Never heard a house sound (Never heard a house sound)
So loud with memories (So loud with memories)
Where there use to be (where there use to be)
a happy home (Use to be a happy home)
         F#m          A                        B7
In the house on the corner  (In house on the corner)
         A            B7                   A   E                
In the house on the corner of lonely and Gone-one