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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  December 6, 1999
Album: A Place In The Sun
Written by: Aimee Mayo, Bill Luther

       MY BEST FRIEND      Tim McGraw
A                    G#                   F#m                          E 
I never had no one  That I could count on I've been let down so many times 
A                      G#                      F#m                       E
I was tired of hurtin' So tired of searchin'  'Til you walkin' in to my life 
D                 A              Bm                  E
It was a feelin' I'd never known For the first time, I didn't feel alone

        A    E           Bm           
You're more-ore than a lover There could never be another
Bm                   E              A E                Bm 
To make me feel the way you do And oh-oh we just get closer
Bm                                     E
I fall in love all over Every time I look at you
C#m                         F#m
I don't know where I'd be Without you here with me
D                            F#m                    A   G#  F#m  E
Life with you makes perfect sense You're my best friend
                 A     G#  F#m  E
You're my best friend

A                G#                F#m              E
You stand by me You believe in me Like nobody ever has
A                         G#       
When my world goes crazy You're right there to save me
F#m                         E    D      
You make me see how much I have And I still tremble 
  A           Bm                   E 
When we touch Oh the look in your eyes When we make love