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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  January 28, 2000
Written by:
                 ME AND MAXINE    Sammy Kershaw
D                                  Em
I use to kiss Maxine through the front door screen
  Bm                      D
Standing on her momma's steps
             D                    Em
And if her daddy hadn't come and run me off
    Bm                A     D
I know I would have never left
         Bm                        F#m
It's a crying shame but that's the way it was
     G                              A
Something always there to separate us
        G              D           G                 D 
Well I try not let it show  But everyone seemed to know
                       G    A           D      G   D
There's something be-tween-een me and Maxine

            D                  Em
She use to wave at me from a-cross the street
             Bm                   D 
Through her bedroom window every night
D                      Em        
She was almost close enough for me to touch 
        Bm                      D
But I still couldn't hold her tight
Bm                          F#m
That's how it's been right from the start  
           G                         A
Always something there to keep us apart   go to chorus
                     G     A            D     D G D G    
There's something between-een me and Maxine
F#m                           G       F#m                G 
All the things that came be-tween us Couldn't change a thing
             F#m                         G  
Now we're together and that's how we're gonna to stay
            D         G             Em               A    G    A
Cause our love just grows a little more with every day  (ooo  oooo)
          G                 D          G             D    
No I'll never gonna let her go  Cause in my heart I know
                       G    A  
There's something be-tween-een 
       G                   D          G             D
Wo I just wanna hold her close cause in my heart I know
                       G    A                         G    A
There's something be-tween-een There's something be-tween-een 
                        G   A           D   vamp on G D for the rest of the tune
There's something be-tween-een Me and Maxine  Me and Maxine
I know I know there's something
Something between something between something between
Me and Maxine Something between Me and Maxine