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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  October 1, 1999
Written by:

This song is based on running notes.  See tab.  Some folks don't
want to play songs like that so I've taken the liberty and placed
chords over the lyrics that sound good but is not what is done on
the recording.

F C Bb C Bb F can be used in place of these single notes.
TAB - (Running notes): Listen to the recording for the timing


      FOR SINGLE GIRLS BURNT DOWN                      Tex Williams

F                          C                   Bb              F 
A Miss Nancy Anne ran a boarding house with a fade sign that read
F              C                 Bb                    C
"Single Rooms For Single Girls.  No Men Allowed."  It said
     F             C                     Bb              
But rumor had it that a gentleman with a yen for love for a fee
        F             C                    Bb        F 
Could always go to Nancy Anne's for some feminine company
      F                         C                   Bb                F
Well one night in June in the Billiard Room Was I chalking up with a friend
F                              C                 Bb               C
He was set to break when the door burst open and Leo James rushed in
     F                             C                       Bb
He yelled, "There's a fire that's just broke out and it's down at Nancy Anne's!"
F                               C                  Bb                 F
So we dropped out cues on the pool room floor and into the street we ran

Bb                                    C                    F 
Though the flames were hot and the smoke was thick not a single life was lost
F                       Bb               C         
And the reason for the blaze was never found
           Bb                        F
But it'll long be remembered in our local history
F                                        Bb
As the fire that fairly scandalized the town
     Bb                F          C                       F 
The night Miss Nancy Anne's Hotel For Single Girls burnt down

F                              C                  Bb                 F
When we got to the place the front was ablaze and so was the second floor
       F                      C                  Bb                    C 
So we cut around the side and up the alley and stopped aside the back door
           F                          C                   Bb
We were catching our breath when the door flew open and knocked poor Leo flat
     F                          C                     Bb                     F 
And out through the smoke ran Mayor Willed wearing nothing but a black silk hat
F                               C                        Bb              F
And right behind him with his shirt tail afire came the local chief of police
F                        C                   Bb                C        
And banker Jones with a red-haired girl he always called his niece
             F                     Bb                                     C  
And then I spied Miss Nancy Anne herself helping someone else out of the fire
F                   C                Bb          F
Her arm around the red bald head of old Judge McEntire

Key change
G             D           C      D         C           D      G   
A deacon, a dentist, a deputy sheriff and one state congress-man
G              D           C           D   C                           D 
The county physician, the city mortic-ian out through the flames they ran
G                                                        D
The grand parade of girls in gowns and hat claid gentle-men
              G                               D            C                 G  
Through the thick gray smoke that certainly smelled like french perfume and gin
C                                D                     G
Though the flames were hot and smoke was thick not a single life was lost
G                        C               D
And the reason for the blaze was never found
           C                          G 
But it'll long be remembered in our local history
G                                         C
As the fire that fairly scandalized the town.

Key change...back to the first key
F                                                 Bb                 F
Now everybody was out at the girl's hotel by the time the roof caved in
F                              C                     G            C
We were heading back to the billiard hall when Leo turned to my friend
              F                   C                Bb
He said, "I believe that's the funniest show I've ever seen in town."
F                      Bb                                  C             F
"The so called elite caught out in the street with their pompous purity down."

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