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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  April 6, 2000
Written by:

        MURDER ON MUSIC ROW       George Strait\Alan Jackson

Intro chords D A E A
A                                     D
Nobody saw him runnin' from 16th aven-ue
                     A                                  E         
They never found a finger print or the weapon that was used.
          A                                               D     
But some-one killed country music cut out it's heart and soul
                     A     E              A
They got away with murder down on music row

A                                                  D
The all mighty dollar and the lust for world wide fame
                    A                                 E
Slowly killed tra-dition and for that someone should pay 
                                      (Aw you tell 'em Allan)
A                                                 D
They all say "not guilty" But the evidence will show
                   A        E            A    
That murder was committed down on music row

A7        D                                A
For the steel guitars no longer cry and fiddles barely play
      B                                 E
But drums and rock'n'roll guitars are mixed  "2.)right" up in your face
     A                                                  D
1,) Old Hank wouldn't have a chance     on today's radi-o
2.) Why the Hag wouldn't have a chance  on today's radi-o
                       A      E            A
Since they committed murder down on music row

A                                                       D
They thought no one would miss it once it was dead and gone
                        A                                  E
They said no one would buy them old drinkin' and cheatin' songs
                                          (But I'll still buy 'em)
        A                                         D
There ain't no justice in and the hard facts are cold
                  A       E             A             
Murder's been committed down on music row
Go to chorus using 2.), then to ending
             A                                           D 
Why they'd even tell the 'possum to pack up and go back home
                        A      E            A
There's been an awful murder down on music row