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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  October 26, 1999
Written by:
Note: Originally done by Jim Ed Brown  The (D) feels like a 
Chord change but it does stay a D. Same for (E).

POP A TOP   Alan Jackson

(sound of a beer can opening)
             C       D            (D)   C             G   
Pop a top a-gain 1.)   I just got time for one more round
                 2.)   I think I'll    have another round 
G               C      D
Set 'em up my friend
D                  C           D    C                   G   
Then I'll be gone and you can let some other fool sit down

G                    C           D               G
I'd like for you to listen to a joke I heard to-day
G                 C                        D             G 
From a women who said she was through and calmly walked away
G                     C                  D               G 
I tried to smile and did a while But it felt so out of place
G                        C                      D                 G
Did you ever hear of a clown with tear drops streaming down his face

Chorus 1 using 2.), lead, key change
A                D          E                  A   
Home for me is misery and here's I'm wasting time
A                          D                E                A
Cause a row of fools on a row of stools Is not what's on my mind
A                       D           E            A
But then you see her leaving me is not what I prefer
A                            D               E                A
So it's either here, just drinking beer, or home remembering her 
 Go to chorus 2

             D   E               (E)    D       A            
Pop a top a-gain    I think I'll have another round 
A               D     E
Set 'em up my friend
E             (E)  D           E               D       A
Then I'll be gone and you can let some other fool sit down
             D   E A              
Pop A Top A-gain