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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  November 8, 1999
Album:  Wildest Dreams
Written by:
Note: The song "Power Windows" that you have posted on your site may have been 
recorded by John Berry, but you have it improperly credited to him.  The song 
is by Billy Falcon and was on his album Pretty Blue World from 1991.  Please 
give credit where credit is due, not to those that simply borrow.
"Fukuto Jones" (fukuto_jones@yahoo.com)  -  Editor's note: Thanks Fukuto
for this additional info on this song. 

     POWER WINDOWS         John Berry

A                           E
Johnny drives a brand new Mercedes Bendz
He's got another one like it just like all his friends
     A                              E
His wife is playing tennis and his kids are at school.
He drives home to his empty house Sits by his empty swimming pool 
But he's got

     A                      E
1.)Power windows He's got power brakes
             D                A
He's got a power bed push a button and it shakes
             A              E
He's got no one to talk to tears rolling down his face
     D                             A
He ain't got the power, power of love

A                        E
Louis drives a beat up sixty-nine dart
Swears it's the statute of Mary keep the car from falling apart
A                                 E
Gracie right beside him sitting closer than a smile
She's got her head on his shoulder Oh how he loves to drive and hold her 
But he ain't got

     A                             E
No power windows he aint' got no power brakes
He ain't got no power nothing but he's got what it takes
            A                        E
He's got Gracie's arm around him A smile upon his face
               D               A  
He's got the power, power of love

   D                         E
* No air conditioning, No cellular telephone
* He goes rumbling down the highway
** Listening to his AM on the radio
    D                             E       
** One arm out the window and a smile upon his face
** Make you wonder how he got there
            D               F#m
** Til you see him look at Grace  See him look at Grace
               A     E                       A
He's got the power (ain't that the power of love
               A     E                        D          
He's got the power  ain't that the power of love
                   (ain't that the power of love) 
repeat *

repeat **
repeat chorus 2, go to ending
           A     E                       A
Power of love (ain't that the power of love)
          A      E                       A
Power of love (ain't that the power of love)
           A     E                       A                     
Power of love (ain't that the power of love)
  E                        A      E                       A
(ain't that the power of love) (ain't that the power of love)