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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  April 3, 2000
Written by:
Note: n.c. means no chord

        PRAYIN' FOR DAYLIGHT   Rascal Flatts
I won't spend another lonely night  oooooooo     

G C A D   G C A D

G              C                    A                 D              G  C A D
I've got the lights turned up The door is locked The bedroom T.V. is on
G       C               A                  D                        G  C A D      
Doing only thing that gets me through the night Since you've been gone


Bm             G              Am               C 
Prayin' for daylight waiting for that morning sun
Bm        G                  Am               C
So I can act like my whole life ain't going wrong
Bm          G           Am                  C    
Baby come back to me I swear I'll make it right
C                                   D
Don't make me spend another lonely night 
                    2.)(Don't make me spend another lonely night)
                      G     C  A               D   
1.)2.) Prayin' for Daylight     (Prayin' for daylight
                    G    C A               D                     G
2.) Praying for daylight    (Prayin' for daylight) Prayin' for daylight
2.)go to bridge

G         C             A                  D                G    C A D         
I made a bad miscalcu-lation Betting that you would never leave
                                            (You'd never leave)
G                  C         A                        D
Cause if you're getting on with your new life then where does that 
       G  C A D
leave me           Go to chorus using 2.)

Bm              C              D   
Hoping that I didn't wait to long (I didn't wait to long)
Bm                      C              D
That this is just the dark before the dawn

G           C            A                    D             G   C A D
Deep in my heart I know that you love me As much as I love you 
                                                          (I love you man)
G             C               A               D            G  C A D 
And that you must be lying somewhere looking up to heaven too
Chorus using 1.) chorus using 1.) then to ending
C A               D                       G               
    (Prayin' for daylight) Praying for daylight
G                             C
I don't wanna spend another lonely night 
A                             D
I don't wanna spend another lonely night
G                             C
I don't wanna spend another lonely night    Ooooooo
Prayin' for daylight