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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: April 15, 1999
Album:  If You See Her
Written by:  

SOUTH OF SANTA FE        Brooks & Dunn

Intro chords   Bm A G
Well there ain't no fall and the grass don't grow
D                       A   G  
The older part of New Mexi-co
Bm                              D                A    G
I drifted in the town one day stumbled in on a lost café
The shades were pulled and the door was locked
Something made me knock
Time stood still as she opened the door
D                      A       G    Bm
I didn't know where I was any-more  We were lost in each other's eyes
 D                      A    G 
Where lonliness meets para-dise
Something in my heart broke free
  G                     A
Blowing wild like a tumbleweed

G                    Bm     A                   Bm 
Somewhere north of heaven Where eagles fear to fly
Bm                      D          A                 G  
Sun burns hot as the Devil's gate Dessert meets the sky
   D             G             A                  Bm
Tattooed on my memory is the image of an angel's face
                 A                  Bm
North of heaven      South of Santa Fe

Bm                                D               A       G 
Bad news tends to travel fast and I was running from my past
Bm                                   D              A       G
I left her when the morning broke Truth is I never let her go
G                       A           
I'm still running free But in my heart I'll always be

(Bm)             A                Bm
North of Heaven    South of Santa Fe